Total home convenience, means thoughtless connectivity, walk through your home, and have it react to your presence.  The ELAN home automation platform not only puts complete control of your home right at your fingertips, but better yet, takes much of the need for control out of the picture.  



With a well designed automated lighting platform, you may never have to touch a light switch again, but when you choose to, have lights come on in purposely designed groups, rather than having ugly banks of switches in every hallway.  Want even more to be excited about, add in motorized shades and drapes, and watch your house spring to life around you!



Don't just control the thermostat, control the temperature.  In your fully integrated home, not only can you automate your thermostat, but give it control over your shades, lights, and ceiling fans, to ease the strain on your home comfort system.



Control all of your home entertainment devices around your home from one place.  Better yet, set the mood with one button.  Party Time?  Pump up the music, open the blinds, and up the A/C.  Watching a movie?  Turn down the lights, queue the movie, and when you pause the movie, have the lights come on around you to find your way to the kitchen.



Make the most out of your security system.  Get notifications when someone comes in or rings the doorbell.  Check in on your home from anywhere in the world, and even see what's going on with integrated surveillance.  And when the alarm does go off, make sure it's noticed, have the alarm ring through every speaker, and strobe with every light, so there's no way someone could miss it.


All this can be done from any of your devices, whether it be touch screens or keypads in the walls, remotes on your coffee tables, or from your smartphone, tablet or computer, and across all of these platforms, you'll find the exact same, intuitive interface to make every user an expert in their own home.